Center for Open Policy is non-partisan non-governmental organization based in Bratislava, Slovakia. Center’s mission is to defend and share the understanding of principles and institutions of liberal democracy such as constitutionality and the rule of law, pluralism, separation of powers, open society, respect of human and minority rights and the social contract renewed periodically in free and fair elections.

The center is not linked to any ideology or religion, its idea basis is critical rational positivism oriented towards the ideal human and solidary democratic society. In the center of this society is a sovereign, informed and well-educated citizen who is the source of all power in the state.

The activities and commitments of the Center originate from the conviction about the importance of free thought and ideological and intellectual diversity and tolerance. Without these attributes, the democracy faces threads of populism, extremism and, in consequence, violence and decay. For the Center, deliberation is quintessential in functional democracies, therefore we support active participation of citizens at all levels of public decision making.

The Center supports Slovak regional cooperation in the Visegrad Group, security cooperation within NATO and above all, active participation of Slovakia in the economic and political project of the European Union.


In its activities, the Center operates within non-governmental sphere within its limits. The most important and continuous focus is on educational activities. Moreover, we publish analyses and statements on compelling societal challenges, while spreading the word about niche or absent themes in the public discourse.