6. December 2017

About security and foreign policy at school desks New series of discussions with high school students

Last week, on December 5 th and 6 th we have visited Námestovo and Dolný Kubín. We have discussed various topics within foreign and security policy with an emphasis on extremism and its impact on Slovak society. Our new series of discussions “About security and foreign policy at school desks” is co-organized by the Ministry […]
11. November 2017

Advancement of skills of a Roma member of local council II. The continuation of our effort

The Center for Open Policy in cooperation with NDI Slovakia continue in the series of workshops aimed at advancement of skills of Roma members of local councils. The series is co-funded by the ESET Foundation. In this workshop, we have discussed social activism and social entrepreneurship in a municipality. The participants from Košice, Košice okolie […]
17. October 2017

Education of members of local councils

Center for Open Policy, in cooperation with NDI Slovakia, have organized another workshop for members of local councils. Last weekend we headed to Bardejov and Poprad to meet motivated participats.