11. November 2017

Advancement of skills of a Roma member of local council II. The continuation of our effort

The Center for Open Policy in cooperation with NDI Slovakia continue in the series of workshops
aimed at advancement of skills of Roma members of local councils. The series is co-funded by the
ESET Foundation.
In this workshop, we have discussed social activism and social entrepreneurship in a municipality.
The participants from Košice, Košice okolie and Prešov counties also toured Raslavice, a pioneer
municipality in terms of social entrepreneurship in Slovakia.

26. March 2018

We continuously work with Romani members of local councils News release

The Center for Open Policy (COP) is continuously educating Romani members of local councils. Through a variety of projects, we are developing and strengthening their skills. Self-governing bodies in Slovakia have disposal of many great powers and have command over important financial and property resources. Therefore it is essential for the local council members to […]
Postavme sa
9. March 2018

We live in times, when it is being decided, in what country we want to continue to live. Once again. The situation has gone far enough, that it is needed to stand up from the computers, leave the social networks, and to use our free time to show the stakeholders, that it is enough. Once […]