17. November 2017

Today we celebrate the anniversary of the Velvet Revolution

Today, without hesitation and overconfidence, we celebrate the most important anniversary of our
modern history. The dramatic events of November 1989 in Czechoslovakia are a part of European
development which crushed the communist ideology responsible for millions of victims over last 100
The experience with totalitarian regimes of the 20 th century is still important today, as the victims
remind us the horrific images from the past. Nowadays, the guarantee of peace and freedom is
represented by Slovakia’s membership in the European Union and the NATO.
However, it’s upon Slovak society to stay vigilant against populism and simple fixes. At the same
time, the society has to stand firm and actively defend our democratic values. To be successful, we
need to remind ourselves of lively and joyful atmosphere of the Velvet Revolution, and the hope it
represented. As the economist Tomáš Sedláček puts it, “Democracy is not a regime, in which the
society settles and the democracy parks on its own, when we let the steering wheel.”
The 17 th of November of every year should be essentially the celebration of free life.

26. March 2018

We continuously work with Romani members of local councils News release

The Center for Open Policy (COP) is continuously educating Romani members of local councils. Through a variety of projects, we are developing and strengthening their skills. Self-governing bodies in Slovakia have disposal of many great powers and have command over important financial and property resources. Therefore it is essential for the local council members to […]
Postavme sa
9. March 2018

We live in times, when it is being decided, in what country we want to continue to live. Once again. The situation has gone far enough, that it is needed to stand up from the computers, leave the social networks, and to use our free time to show the stakeholders, that it is enough. Once […]